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Here’s Why Samsung Ditched the Headphone Jack in Note 10 Series

In the past, Samsung used to mock the removal of headphone jacks ever since the trend was brought to the mainstream by Apple. But slowly and gradually, Samsung has onboarded the no-3.5mm-train as well.

Previously, the company ditched the headphone jack in its Samsung W2018 flip phone and the Galaxy A80, which didn’t affect many. However, the removal of the headphone jack from the recently released Note 10 duo is a big bummer for most fans. Especially because the Note series is primarily targeted towards power users.

Why did the company do it? According to a report from Samsung, removing the headphone jack allowed them to increase the battery size by 100 mAh and also resulted in improved haptic feedback. Users that still prefer wired headphones can use the pair of USB-C wired earphones included in the box.

Apart from this, the company also chose to omit the SD card slot from the base Note 10 which is even worse. Now that we don’t see any hope of the headphone jack coming back in the Note series, we are hoping the Galaxy S series is not next in line.

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